Paul Verbyla -- 34 years of forestry experience

Working for private landowners in the coastal plain and piedmont of Virginia.

Timber Sales, Forest Stewardship Plans, CAP 106 Forest Management Plans

VERB LLC is a completely independent forestry consulting firm with no financial ties to any forest products company. As a client of my firm, you will join my many clients who benefit from knowing there won't be a question about possible conflict of interest. I have sold over 9,000 acres of timber to 24 different timber-buyers for my clients.

Paul S. Verbyla P.O. Box 465 Mathews, VA 23109

Phone (804) 725-6444


  • Member Mathews Ruritans, Virginia Forestry Association
  • Member of Society of American Foresters
  • Member of Association of Consulting Foresters
  • Technical Service Provider for CAP 106 Forest Management Plans
  • 1981 M.S. Virginia Tech in Forest Economics


  • 16 acre clearcut Gloucester/Mathews
  • 20 acre clearcut Lancaster/Northumberland
  • 30 acre clearcut Lancaster/Northumberland
  • 31 acre clearcut Middlesex/King & Queen
  • 36 acre clearcut Gloucester/Mathews
  • 47 acre clearcut Lancaster/Northumberland
  • 48 acre clearcut Amelia/Nottoway
  • 67 acre clearcut New Kent/Charles City
  • 67 acre clearcut King William/King & Queen
  • 69 acre clearcut New kent/Charles Cithy
  • 95 acre clearcut Sussex/Surry
  • 149 acre clearcut Gloucester/Mathews
  • 156 acre clearcut New Kent/Charles City
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