Paul Verbyla -- 32 years of forestry experience

Working for private landowners in the coastal plain and piedmont of Virginia.

Timber Sales, Forest Stewardship Plans, CAP 106 Forest Management Plans, Timber Valuation, Timber Cruising

VERB LLC is a completely independent forestry consulting firm with no financial ties to any forest products company. As a client of my firm, you will join my many clients who benefit from knowing there won't be a question about possible conflict of interest. I have sold over 9,000 acres of timber to 24 different timber-buyers for my clients.

Paul S. Verbyla, ACF, CF, (Certified Forester) P.O. Box 465 Mathews, VA 23109

Phone (804) 725-6444 If you'd like, send email to Paul Verbyla at


  • Member Mathews Ruritans, Association of Consulting Foresters, Virginia Forestry Association
  • Certified Forester No. 3675 with Society of American Foresters
  • Technical Service Provider for CAP 106 Forest Management Plans
  • 1981 M.S. Virginia Tech in Forest Economics


  • 10 acre clearcut New Kent/Charles City
  • 27 acre clearcut Gloucester/Mathews
  • 36 acre clearcut Lancaster/Northumberland
  • 39 acre clearcut Lancaster/Northumberland
  • 51 acre clearcut Charles City/New Kent
  • 53 acre clearcut Gloucester/Mathews
  • 55 acre clearcut Essex/Caroline
  • 98 acre clearcut Lancaster/Northumberland
  • 279 acre clearcut Lancaster/Northumberland
  • 99 acre thinning Charles City/New Kent
  • 102 acre thinning Essex/Caroline
  • 114 acre thinning Charles City/New Kent
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